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A Management Education Program to transform Technology Professionals into sophisticated global leaders

Calling on high-caliber technology professionals aspiring to become successful business leaders...

Do you feel that a firm grounding of business fundamentals will help you accelerate your transition to a business leadership role? Do you believe that best way to learn business is through solving real business problems? Do you realize the need to expand your network to business leaders?

At Sunstone PGPM we select high-caliber technology professionals like you and transform them into business leaders. The program is tailored to the unique needs and leadership challenges of technology professionals. We stimulate your learning through our innovative problem based learning methodology, and engage with you to sharpen your outlook through regular interactions with industry leaders, venture capitalists and your talented classmates.

The PGPM is a premier management education experience aimed at technology professionals who want to accelerate their career growth and possibly make a change in career; going from a more technical position to a business-focused position, be it within the technology field or outside of it.

The program demands exceptional commitment from students but is part-time, so that you can continue to work while studying. Students are put through a demanding curriculum over a year; a curriculum that pushes them to manage multi-tasking in a dynamic business-like environment and develop problem solving and leadership skills along with a strong theoretical foundation of business concepts.

The basis of the Sunstone PGPM is learning by problem solving. We take real world problem situations and impart management concepts in the course of solving them. This is very similar to how one learns on the job, and enables you to become professionally productive at once.

Placement Focused: One of the core objective of the program is helping students transition into business roles. Hence, the program is placement focused and has built the network of tech-centric businesses that can offer business roles to students.

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